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Research Methods

1Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) quantum computing is one of the several proposed approaches for constructing a quantum computer, that uses the spin states of nuclei within molecules as qubits. Due to the relative maturity of NMR technology, some experimental demonstrations of quantum algorithms were obtained in NMR systems. Here we use the NMR quantum processing platform to realize and demonstrate the proposals in different field of quantum information, such as Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Artificial intelligence, etc.

2Electronic spin resonance  (ESR)

Multi-discipline researches in the physical, chemical and biological fields revealed by the electron and orbital spins based on the electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy. For example, the electron dynamics in quantum computation, electron transfers in the chemistry and biology processes during the radical or redox reactions.

3Optically detected magnetic resonanceODMR

Optically detected magnetic resonance: NV center is one kind of paramagnetic defects in diamond. It has spin-dependent fluorescence, and allows optical spin readout and polarization. We use confocal microscope to monitor the fluorescence signal from single NV center, and microwave systems to conduct quantum control.

4Force-detected Magnetic ResonanceFMR

Force-detected Magnetic Resonance: Our research is exploring the macroscopic quantum phenomena in experiments, utilizing coupling between single spin and macroscopic mechanical systems. Specifically, we generate coherent spin-mechanical interaction in quantum regime and observe it’s decoherence. Meanwhile we can eliminate the environmental noise by some special techniques of controlling. Eventually, we will explore in which way the quantum coherence disappears and the classical feature appears. These researches will provide evidence for some new mechanism.