Author:臧晶晶  Release time:2017-07-11   Access times:973

CAS Key Laboratory of Microscale Magnetic Resonance was founded in 2016 based on the former Spin Magnetic Resonance Laboratory of University of Science and Technology of China. This laboratory focuses on the research of spin quantum control and its applications in novel quantum technologies, with various experimental routes including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron spin resonance (ESR), optically-detected magnetic resonance (ODMR), magnetic resonance force microscopy (MRFM), and electrically-detected magnetic resonance (EDMR). The research topics of this laboratory include:

  1. Spin quantum control methods and technology

  2. Quantum computation based on spins

  3. Quantum simulation based on spins

  4. Quantum sensing using the nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

  5. Quantum devices

  6. Related fundamental problems in quantum physics

So far the laboratory has published more than 230 scientific papers in the above research area, including more than 70 papers published in Nature, Science, Nature Physics, Nature Communications, and Physical Review Letters. The researchesreceived the second prize of 2012 National Natural Science Award, the Outstanding Achievements in Natural Science by the Ministry of Education of China (2011, 2018), the Huang Kun Award of Solid-state Physics and Semiconductor Physics from Chinese Physical Society (2011), and the Award in Basic Science from Zhou GuangZhao Foundation (2016).


The lab consists of about 40 faculties and nearly 120 graduate students. Among the faculties, there include one Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, two recipients of the National Outstanding Young Scholars Award of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, two recipients of the Chang Jiang Scholars Program.